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What We're About

Your Student Union is a charity that exists for and is run by students. We’re here to make sure that you have the best experience while studying at Heriot-Watt University. You automatically become a member of the Union when you matriculate so you should make the most of the services we offer while you can.

We run commercial services such as Geordies Bar, Liberty’s café, the Student Shop and an entertainments programme and all the money we make from these services goes back into giving you the top quality services you deserve.

In January 2012 we published our first ever Strategic Plan that accompanied a brand new Constitution and Bye Laws. For the die hard governance fans out there, please read these at your leisure. For those who are stretched for time, we’ve summarised how the Student Union works below.

The Union has three full-time, paid Sabbatical Officers; President, Vice President and SBC President. We have six Executive Officers and another nine students who represent a particular area. Your elected officers and contacts can be found on the who’s who page.

The Sabbatical Officers and Executive Officers form the Executive Committee. They meet every three weeks, usually in the evenings. Any student can attend one of these meetings, for more information please email the President.


Your Union Zones

The Union has six different areas of interest that we call Zone’s. These Zones are:


Academic Affairs

Representing you about your Course and Experience via School Officers and Class Reps



Volunteering, Societies, Charties and Halls Community are all covered by the Activities Zone



Vision, Widening Access and Unpaid interships are all campaigns the Student Union are working on this year


Equality & Diversity

From Ethnic Minority to LGBT and Disabled Students to Women's Group, this zone covers these areas.


Scottish Borders

Representing students at the SBC Campus



Our Commercial Services including Geordies, Liberties and the Student Shop


Each Zone has one Sabbatical Officer and one Executive Officer responsible for the Union’s work in that area. Each Zone holds meetings throughout the year to discuss issues around that area. For example, our Campaigns Zone might discuss a campus issue such as campus lighting or a national issue such as student funding cuts. Again, these are open meetings and we encourage students who have an issue they would like to raise to come along to one of these meetings to discuss it. You can get in touch with your Sabbatical Officers for more information on the next meeting.

Your Student Union are accountable to you, its members. We have one meeting each semester to invite students to hear reports on what your Student Officers have been doing on your behalf and for you to ask questions. In Semester 1 we have Question Time. This is an informal get together when you can basically throw questions at your representatives.

In Semester 2, usually in January, we have our Annual General Meeting (AGM). This is the main meeting of the year where we give a formal update on the year including presenting the Union Financial Statements for the previous year. The AGM also usually marks the opening of the elections where we elect our new Student Officers for the coming academic year.

If you want to know more about the Union Governance you can read the Constitution and Bye Laws or just ask an Officer or Staff Member of the Union for more information.

Your Union Officers

Contact Details for all our Union Officers


Your Union Staff

Contact Details for all our Union Staff



The Constitution, Bylaws and the Strategic Plan of the Union